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The FairyLoot Subscription Box

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FairyLoot Subscription Box

I have INCREDIBLY exciting news, guys! I’ve been dying to tell you all about this for ages, and I can finally tell you because it’s up and running… I’VE STARTED A SUBSCRIPTION BOX BUSINESS! Yessssss. Finally. It’s out. I can say it! It’s called FairyLoot.

AND, because you’re all swell, I’ve got something else… I’m going to be giving an introductory discount code to all my blogging friends! 😀 And, we’re looking for representatives (!!!). More on all that exciting stuff below!

I am so nervous and excited and this could all be a total failure but I thought, why NOT? Why not give it a go? It started off as some little trail of thought and doodles on a piece of paper. But here it is, ready to go. You can visit the website here or click the image below:

FairyLoot Subscription Box

So what’s it all about?
  • FairyLoot is a monthly YA subscription box that focuses on Fantasy, but also includes some contemporary, dystopian, and historical fiction themes. (YAY).
  • Each box will include one hardcover recently published YA novel, there will be a different theme every month. I would love suggestions from you guys!
  • Each box will include exclusive promotional items, such as a signed bookplate, poster, bookmark, etc. I love these and I know how much readers love them too, so I’m working my butt off to make it all possible! This is not guaranteed in every box but I am trying to make sure it is.
  • It will also include 3-4 hand selected bookish goodies, related to the theme of the month. I would love suggestions from you guys, and I’m continuously trying to improve the content!
  • I will be announcing the March theme this weekend!!!

The boxes are going to be shipped from the UK. This is an example of the types products that could be inside a box of FairyLoot (you know how I like to make things visual!):

FairyLoot Subscription Box

Can you get involved?

YES. I would love to get all of you guys involved. Any like, follow, or share of the website or social media pages would be so unbelievably appreciated and if I could I would give you all cookies and cake and tea. Check out our Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page! Seriously, I will lurve you forever.


We’re going to be giving away free boxes every month to our representatives, just so they can post their boxes and talk about FairyLoot. 🙂 This is open to people worldwide. If you’re interested, apply here.


As you guys are my friends, read my ramblings all the time and are generally just amazing human beings, I thought I’d give you guys a 50% discount for the March box! Just type in the promo code below and voila!


So there it is! If you guys could help spread the word, I would be eternally grateful. 😀


The March theme has been released!

FairyLoot March Theme

What do you think of this idea?
Is it something that tickles your fancy?

PS. I am still so nervous about sharing this! Eeep! xD